Cross Fire: Atiku’s exit good riddance to inconsistent politician – Pasali

Alhaji Danladi Garba Pasali, a pioneer vice, chairman of the All Progressives Congress () in state, and National Coordinator, Buhari Campaign Organization, says the exit of Atiku Abubakar from the party is a good riddance to an inconsistent politician. MUHAMMAD TANKO SHITTU brings excerpts.

How do you receive the exit of the former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, from the All Progressives Congress ()?
The exit of Alhaji Atiku from the is a welcome development because he has never been consistent in his political . Whereas politicians of his calibre and his age are known for their consistence but his political is full of inconsistencies. Someone that has attained the statue and vantage of a vice president of a country is supposed to have a mindset that is focused on working for the benefit of the people.
Recall that Atiku had contested for governorship of Adamawa state, the election was manoeuvred against Bala Takaya and given to Atiku, but he refused to stay to serve his people in Adamawa state, instead manipulated his way to become the Vice President of Nigeria. Ever since, he has remained inconsistent, moving from one party to another. It is on record that he has been in the PDP, AC, PDP, and now PDP, at least into five different political parties in the span of just 19 years of stable democracy. He has sponsored lots of people to contest in various political parties in Adamawa, but they all lost.
His life has been all about ambition. He wants to be president. He has contested in almost all presidential . Focused politicians are always consistent, serve people not insist on people serving them.

But what is wrong in one having ambition?
There is nothing wrong, but the desperation in Atiku’s ambition is something else.

But Atiku has given strong reasons why left and they seem doubtless, are these very reasonable?
We know Atiku, He had given these same reasons whenever he decamped from any political party. Recalled that the APC held its National Working Committee (NWC) meeting which was attended the leading lights of the party, but Atiku refused to attend the meeting. With regard to the government not fulfilling campaign promises, that’s not altogether true, government has been fulfilling its promises on the , has succeeded in blocking all financial the leakages of the past, and despite the fall of the prices of crude oil government is still paying salaries as at when due. Even the international community has rated Nigeria high for the , so Atiku is just making noise.
I bet with you that in some few months to come, Atiku, will still leave whatever party he pitches tent with because that has been his political antecedents. So his exit does not shake the APC.
In contrast, you could see that even as he was leaving so many other good people are also decamping into the APC, so his going is a good omen to the party, because with him some people are even sceptical and are wondering how the APC could fight corruption with Atiku in the party.

El Rufa’i has urged the PDP to field Atiku as its presidential candidate, is he being mischievous?
El Rufa’i was right, he knows as any Northerner does that Atiku does not pose any threat to the APC if fielded against President Buhari, who in two years has achieved more for Nigerian than the PDP did 16 years.
Our security is improving, our economy based on diversification is improving, our is improving, and impunity is losing ways in governance, all of these were not achieved even with Atiku’s 8 years as vice president.

Atiku will have ready support from the being one of their own don’t you think the people will join Atiku in the PDP?
Let’s start from Atiku’s state, you have read the Bindow Jibrila saying bye bye to Atiku, and you may recalled how delegates voted in favour Goodluck Jonathan against Atiku Abubakar during the PDP primaries. Who else do you think will follow Atiku, if not those he is meeting in the PDP?


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