CSO advocate for e- voting

A Civil Society Organisation (CSO) Development and Integrity Intervention Goal Foundation (DIG) has called for the introduction of e- voting in Nigeria.

The foundation while briefing journalists in Abakaliki on Thursday said Card Reader failed Nigerians as it was use to manipulate election processes.

Mr Ajah Oliver the Executive Secretary DIG in Ebonyi state regretted that Card Reader Machine could not identify double voting.

 Oliver added said that Ebonyi state was rated low in collation of results at the ward level and the state level.

He said, “It’s possible we can do e -voting especially when we have mobile phone here and there, if we can actually adopt that we can use text message to vote for our choice.

“It will also help to curtail multiple voting because the system will not accept more than one vote from a person.

“Like the Automated  Teller Machine (ATM) card if Independent National Electoral Commission INEC can upgrade the Voters card to be like that of ATM where the holder alone can use it, or even customize like the International Passport it will be difficult for politicians to manipulate it.

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