CSO decries incessant violation of IMN human rights

A Coalition of Civil Society Organisation (CSO) has decried the recurring violation of fundamental human rights of members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN)

The leader of the group, Comr Mikail Yunus, warned against such violation on Saturday in Abuja at a news conference.

The coalition consists of; Advocate Movement, Positive Impact Wailers Nigerian, Initiative for Conciliation and Right Protection and Centrum Initiative for Development and Fundamental Right Advocacy.

Yunus said that for the past 40 years of IMN existence, it had suffered tremendous rights violations for confronting and resisting oppression, corruption among others in the country.

He added that such suffering and persecution was done on account of IMN’s unity and its quest to protect the right of others.

According to him, in this way, the IMN suffered rights violation more than any group in this country that is why it is a focal point for rights organisation.

He stated that thousands of fundamental rights of the members of the movement had been violated,

Yunus said that the Nigerian constitution had never been silent on outlining the fundamental human rights of its citizens as codified in section 4 of the 1999 constitution as amended.

 “These rights are every free citizen’s legal entitlement to enjoy without the fear of the government or other fellow citizens.

“With these rights in place, the citizen can once again enjoy the inalienable rights close to what was obtainable before in other clime,” he said.

He said that the right of members to freedom of expression, peaceful assembly and association had been hampered.

Yunus called on Nigeria government to immediately arrest and prosecute those responsible for the murder of IMN members.

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