Curb the menace of examination malpractice

The greatest evil bedeviling the in Nigeria today, especially the North, is examination malpractice. It is a repugnant act that needs radical measures to stem its monstrous effect on the development of the country. 
Having seen that the menace is more rampant in the Nothern part of the country, folding our arms could aggravate the country’s educational crisis.
 A student can indulge in examination  malpractice through innumerable ways. They include “collusion”, where a student copies directly from another candidate; “impersonation”, where a student engages someone to write the examination on his behalf—specifically during final year exams, WAEC or NECO; “bribing” the teachers as a way of getting the question paper(s) before the examination.
The major causes of examination malpractice among students have been identified as the fear of failure and bad teachers. It’s a fact that most do not have the passion for teaching, but for money. Consequently, such teachers may not pay a adequate attention to the students, thus leading the students to indulge in examination malpractice to pass the examination.
On the other hand, in public schools, bad governance also contributes to examination malpractice. A teacher may not be able to teach properly due to lack of teaching aids or poor remuneration. So, the student has no choice than indulge in examination malpractice.
Unfortunately,  students who indulges in examination malpractice cannot defend his certificate. For instance, a medical doctor would be killing patients due to his ignorance resulting from examination malpractice; a teacher would be teaching nothing but tales of frogs and dogs; a politician can’t speak fluently in public. To be honest, where are we headed, the path of progression or retrogression? 
However, employing qualified teachers in the schools that would teach effectively with passion and not for money will go a long way to curb examination malpractice.Examination malpractice can also be curbed if teachers are well paid.
Haneef Muhammad,Gombe, Gombe state

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