Cyber-bully: FCT doctors demand apology from nurses for humiliating colleague 

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The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), FCT chapter, has said that, following the outcome of an investigative panel, a doctor at the National Hospital in Abuja, Dr. Sunday Atinko, was lied against by a nurse, Marvis Ebalu, in June last year.

The association said the aforementioned nurse lied by alleging that the said doctor was drunk while on duty and physically abused her “to justify her refusal and insubordination towards executing the patient management instructions prescribed by the doctors during ward rounds.”

While addressing journalists Thursday in Abuja, the FCT NMA chairman, Dr. Charles Ugwuanyi, said that it was pathetic that the National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives (NANNM), without recourse to any fair hearing from the parties, mobilised her members and launched a very damaging street protest against the said doctor, calling for his head.

He said that Dr. Atinko was subjected to cyber bullying of unprecedented dimensions from all known associations of nurses across the globe, “who deployed all known social media platforms to damage this doctor in apparent solidarity to one of theirs.”

The NMA chairman said it took six months for an investigative panel set up by the National Hospital, Abuja, to conclude its investigation, “which completely absolved Dr. Atinko Sunday of all the allegations leveled against him by Nurse Marvis Ebalu, revealing there was never any physical abuse by Dr Sunday Atinko, but there was clear case of insubordination by Nurse Marvis Ebalu.”

He added: “We make bold at this point to express our profound disappointment with the leadership of NANNM for that disgraceful outing, which was premature, misinformed, misguided and most importantly prejudicial, with a high potential of igniting uncontrollable industrial disharmony, which will disrupt public peace and service delivery.”

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