Dankwambo and the Nigerian youth: The unfinished relationship

Governor Dankwambo of Gombe State has proved that youth are indeed the leaders of today.
Many written and oral accounts have described Governor Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo as a trailblazer and silent achiever, who demystified leadership and redefined development in Gombe state.
What is it about Dankwambo and the Nigerian Youth? Nothing so special, but it was spectacular and left far-reaching impressions on most people like me.
The relationship between Nigerian Youth and Dankwambo sent down my entire body remains unfathomable, but it left a great impression on me about how far Nigeria could go to realize its huge potentials if young people come together and decide to work for a better future of the country.
Come to think of it: The simplicity and humility with which a state governor could offer what seems a favour from a younger citizen, but actually a good relationship.
No single day passes by without my thinking over the spontaneous love and show of understanding affection of Governor Dankwambo to Nigerian Youth.
The development led me into researching about the Nigerian Youth as well as the subject of their good relationship with Governor Dankwambo, which had to do with the participating in the politics.
I feel that before Governor Dankwambo came in to political arena, most of us young people do not think it fashionable to participate in politics (example of my humble self) or even take interest in discussing issues of politics and governance.
And that is where I feel that the relationship between Dankwambo and the youth is not complete yet.
I see a big window of opportunity in the patriotic contributions to youth from Governor Dankwambo for the youth to make a bold statement in the Nigerian politics.
We need to show that of a truth the future belongs to us and that we are the only people to shape that future.
Dankwambo and Nigerian Youth working together should begin the crusade of making young people become active participants in politics, not as thugs but as political drivers.
I believe that it is only by participation of youth and making their voices heard during leadership selection process that issues that pertain to young people should take the front burner.
Dankwambo was born in 1962, and I believe a leader of this age could make a difference in today’s young people’s lives.
Dankwambo can undoubtedly minister effectively to Nigeria’s youth based on their accomplishments.
Young people should not continue to show apathy towards politics even though all must not be equal, but voting the right leaders is key to asserting our demographic advantage.
“Participating in politics by our young people, particularly voting during every election would be our own way of holding our political leaders to account.
Furthermore, young people taking part in election would help to bring about good governance in the country, thereby promoting a meritbased and crime-free society that generations unborn would be proud of,” Dankwambo Said.
Interestingly, Dr.
Dankwambo has good tale to inspire young people about the importance of education in talent development.
For instance, the governor has made Gombe a reference point in educational development and youth empowerment.
Dankwambo’s insistence on academic pursuit helped him climb the ladder of social progression, enabling him to serve as the youngest Accountant General of the Federation (AGF).
He has become a role model to many young people and succeeded in weaning many away from streets through skill acquisition and responsible conduct.
Having been a governor and yet still level-headed as to encourage young people to join hands with him to move Nigeria forward, Governor Dankwambo has shown remarkable evidence of his capacity to inspire young people to do great things for God and country.
With such a person (Dr.
Dankwambo) as President, we young people could rejoice that youth have become leaders of today, the tomorrow we have been waiting for.
It is on this promise that I believe that the relationship between Governor Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo and Nigerian youth should be raised to the next level.

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