Danladi hails improved officiating

Nasarawa United FC’s chairman, Isaac Danladi, has hailed the improved level of officiating in the Glo Premier League this season.
Danladi noted that although officiating in the league has improved, there is still room for improvement. He further stated that it would be wrong to rate the level of officiating by the number of away wins, as such a test would not be a true reflection of what is prevalent.

“So far, officiating has been okay, but there is still room for improvement as some people still complain, despite being fair,” Danladi told News Agency of Nigeria.

“And the fact that people win away matches does not necessarily mean that officiating is at its best.
“We are human; we all make mistakes as humans. So, it is expected that they fall short once in a while during matches. But so far, their effort should be commended; but it could be better.”
Nasarawa United beat Crown FC at the weekend, courtesy of a first-half penalty scored by Ibrahim Abubakar

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