Day of reckoning: Married Woman trapped with boyfriend inside hotel after sex romp …see pictures

A Married woman and her boyfriend have gotten stuck to themselves after enjoying some rounds of sex at a popular Kenyan hotel, Explor-Inn hotel and bar, Resto.

According to the story making the rounds, the duo were co-joined after the marathon sex  which some people have claimed to have lasted all through the night.

The hotel workers were said to have gotten wind of the development after the woman was heard crying out loud from the room they check into as a result of the pain associated with the incident.

They were said to have been dragged into the street in-order to get help.

They were pushed along the street to the place where they could be separated. But, before that, a huge crowd had gathered to witness the disgraceful incident. The woman used a cloth to cover her face while being pushed. It is believed the husband of the woman must have used 'magun' an African concoction used by a man on his wife to catch her incase she's cheating on him.

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