Days of CDs, VCDs ‘ll soon be over – Producer

Sani Sule Katsina is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Rite Time Multi Media Ltd, a recording company that produces television series and other film production services in Kano.

Aside TV series, the company has also successful produced films like: Ibro Ya Aure Baturiya, Matar Mutum Labarinsa and host of others.

A retired NDLEA officer, Alhaji Sani registered his company after he left service.

When Blueprint Weekend visited his office, a multipurpose recording studio, well equipped with state of the art equipment, Sani disclosed the secret of his success.

“I take my business seriously. My business continues to expand by the day. I have close to 20 staff working for me, many directors, translators, and other office secretaries.

“Kannywood has changed and viewers too are no longer patronizing film produced on CD or DVD that is why I quickly moved into production of television series,” he added.

On the rumours making the rounds that he uses the company to have access to beautiful ladies, he refuted the allegation as ‘mere child talks.’

He said, “I honestly don’t mix business with pleasure. If I want women then I want my business to crash because these two can’t cohabit together.
“Besides, I am happily married and some of my children, though they are still young, do work in my company to produce films for children programs on televisions,”

Kukan Krciya and Sarauniya, produced by his company are an example of successful production in terms of visual quality, acting prowess and equipment.
Material and human resources were obviously generously invested in the course of the production, a fact confirm confirmed by the MD, stating: “These two films cost me lots of money running into Millions of naira. But luckily for me, I have well equipped multi-purpose studio. I have also acquired more vehicles to aid movement.

“We spent more than a year producing these series. We have finished the first part and we are finishing the second part soon. We are also completing our Sarauniya series in no time.”
On whether commensurate returns had been realised from the productions, he said “whether I made over N5million or not I would like to keep that as my secret. But I can tell you that I am one of the most successful producers in Kannywood.”

He would, however, not acknowledge MOPPAN leadership, stating “I don’t recognize MOPPAN. We are the stakeholders in Arewa Film Makers Association of Nigeria.”

He continued: “Recently, I won the Best Producer Award, organised by City People Magazine in Lagos. My film Kukan Kurciya was chosen as Best Television Series.

“Arewa youths, some students of higher institution and other corporate bodies have continued to award me prizes. So, I am happy that God has continued to bless me. “The film industry today is in shambles, but I thank God I am progressing on a daily basis.”

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