Dead body found floating on River Kaduna

A dead body was found floating on River Kaduna close to the bridge between Stadium Roundabout and Railway Station Roundabout on Wednesday afternoon by fishermen who immediately called the authorities.

The dead body, which had started decomposing and oozing offensive odour, was found to be the body of an elderly man whose actual age could not be ascertained by Blueprint.

Though, there were two cuts on the head one above the left ear and the other on top of the head, it was not immediately clear what may have been the cause of it’s death, if it died before being dumped in the river or if it drowned in the river.

Information available to Blueprint also revealed that the body was taken to Gwamna Awan General Hospital Kakuri for autopsy and was discovered to have been in the water for over three days.

The doctor after examining the body recommended that it should be immediately buried and it was buried close to the river.

The Executive Secretary, Kaduna State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA), Muhammed Mu’azu Mukaddas, said the body was discovered on Wednesday and they were informed “around 2pm today December 8th, we were informed that a dead body was seen on Kaduna river.

“So, I quickly mobilised my men from SEMA search and rescue, Kaduna Fire Service and Federal Fire Service, Police and Civil Defence. We came identified and evacuated the body and took it to a nearby hospital Gwamna Awan where a doctor examined the body that was already decomposing and the doctor write and advice that the body be immediately buried.

“The body was of a male, an elderly man. We cannot estimate the time of death but a human body would be in the water for three days before floating. So, the body has been in the river for over three days,” the ES said.