Defection: Saraki, others’ plan failed in NASS – Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari, yesterday, expressed confidence that the recent defections of Senate President Bukola Saraki and other party chieftains, won’t affect the party’s fortune in 2019 general elections.
The President who described the current structure of the ruling party as “super,” also said the intervention of the Adams Aliyu Oshiomholeled National Working Committee stopped the defectors from “pulling down the roof.” Saraki, alongside some APC members in the National Assembly, Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal of Sokoto state, and his Benue counterpart, Mr.
Samuel Ortom, variously dumped the APC on account of certain perceived anomalies.
But Buhari said the development will “barely make a dent on our super structure as they could not muster the figure they had envisaged to cause an upset, particularly in the two chambers of the National Assembly.” Speaking at the first National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting since the emergence of the Oshiomhole-led NWC, Buhari said the intervention of the current leadership of the party thwarted the defectors’ plans, as, according to him, they “were hell bent on pulling down the roof.” The President assured that the “APC remains in control and is increasing by the day with quality people joining the party.
“Today, we are meeting to look at some major decisions that will ensure an excellent performance at the polls next year.
“Starting with party primaries at various levels, I urge you all to ensure that decisions taken here are those that will be for the good of the party and meet the yearnings and expectations of our teeming members and supporters nationwide.
They look up to us for guidance and we must not disappoint or fail them.
“The team emerged at a turbulent time when there were rumours and speculations of massive defections in such a way that could rock the very foundation of the party.
Despite reconciliatory attempt to keep the house together, some members were hell bent on pulling down the roof.
“They left, threatening to go along with scores of people, thus upsetting the ….
But due to the work of the new party leadership, the exit barely made a dent on our super structure as they could not muster the figure they had envisaged to cause an upset, particularly in the two chambers of the National Assembly.
“Hope is rekindled in our heart that we will give our country purposeful leadership and improve the quality of life of the people.
We will continue to secure the country, fight graft and reposition the economy in such a way that jobs can be provided for our youth and give them a future and hope.
“We will fulfill all the promises we made to Nigerians.
We are fulfilling them and will continue to serve with heart and might to build a nation where peace and justice and prosperity shall reign.” While calling on the party leadership to ensure free and fair primaries, he stated that APC “primaries must be in complete compliance with the provisions of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 as amended, the Electoral Act and above all, the constitution of the party.
This is the time we must work for unity, harmony and togetherness.” Oshiomhole slams defectors Speaking earlier, APC National Chairman, Comrade Oshiomohle described those that left the party as “rolling stones, migrant politicians without political addresses.” While reiterating that he never lost any sleep over Saraki and others’ defection, the former governor stressed that under him, the APC had rather become more united and stronger He said: “When it became clear that this change cannot allow business as usual, the conservatives have left on their own, our party is stronger, smarter, more cohesive and there is no better evidence than the fact we have won almost all the major elections after their departure.
“That is not the only thing that confirms this.
We have seen those going back to their community to decamp and we see uncommon defectors.
But the others sat in their chambers and guest houses to prepare their defection notes.
“Some are known to have remained in Abuja, detained by their own conscience and unable to visit their constituencies.
So, I want to assure you that we have purged ourselves of excess fats that would have possibly interfere in the flow of blood in our vein.
We are stronger, more determined and we are much certain of our future.
“We asked the President to continue to provide leadership to deal with the vices that has detained Nigeria in the last and which seems to explain the paradox that has detained Nigeria, a country that is so rich and its people so poor.
President, God has a purpose for sparing your life and that is because you have not finished the mission that He entrusted to you, to lead the forces of change, to reposition our country, reorder our values and to encourage all of us.” “Those who submit to change in spite of their past, still have a chance to play a role in the commitment to rebuild the nation and ensure it offers hope to every citizen.
President, you are the only one who has had the courage to look at western leaders’ eye ball to eye ball and asked them to return the stolen money.
If you have stolen money in their vault, you won’t have the courage to say so.
“None of your predecessors have had the courage to say so in the manner that you did.
Those are things we are proud of and they give us courage and confidence that Nigerians will not be fooled come 2019.”

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