Delegates at war over Fulani attacks

The recent attacks in different states in the country yesterday resulted to war of words at the ongoing National Conference as delegates castigated one another over allegation that the attacks were perpetrated by the Fulanis.

Hon. Terseer Tsumbas, representing former speakers’ forum from the North central, alleged during his remarks on President Jonathan’s inaugural speech that most states in the North central have been under siege of attacks by Fulani militia, adding that there were a lot of refugees scattered in Benue state presently, wondering what their fate would be during this raining season.

The allegation which some Fulani delegates were not comfortable with, was immediately debunked when Alhaji Bello Ashiru, a Fulani, quickly debunked the assertion, saying it had not been confirmed anywhere that Fulanis were the ones killing the people,  adding that there was no reason whatsoever why Fulanis would attack communities.
While clarifying that most of the reports in the media had reported that gunmen dressed like Fulanis were the ones attacking people, he called for a thorough investigation into the matter.

Hon Terseer said: “The whole of the North central has been under siege, Kafanchan has been under curfew; Plateau has been the same; and from my state—Benue state. There are a lot of refugees scattered in Makurdi as we are speaking here; now that the rains have started, I wonder what will be the situation of the refugees. We have been under series of attacks from the Fulani militia.
“Growing up as a young man in the sixties, we lived with the Fulanis; our forefathers lived with them, we took fura and nono,” he said.

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