Democratic tenets, good governance: IPAC hails EU EOM

The Inter-Party Advisory Council (IPAC) has called on European Union Election Observer Mission (EU EOM) Follow-up Mission, not to relent in their selfless efforts and commitment to the building of democracy, good governance, peace and security in Nigeria.

The National Chairman of the Council, Engr Yabaji Yusuf Sani, during a courtesy visits by the EU EOU under the leadership of Ms. Marie Arena and Members of the European Parliament, said the essence of the appeal was because advanced democracies of the world have the wealth of experience, the human and material resources from which countries of developing democracies can benefit from. 

He said this is in addition to the fact that historically and going by the contemporary exigencies of the world demand that the more advanced segments of humanity should demonstrate more than a passing interest in the growth of democracy, the economic advancement, peace, security and stability of Africa.

“With the coming up on stream of the amended Electoral Act, political parties are now more than before, expected to emphasis the use and application of ICT and related technology in their internal affairs and interaction with the Independent National Electoral Commission. 

“Failure to meet up these demands, will no doubt affect the performance of their obligations in the electoral process. However, the reality as it is, is that most of the political parties are grossly deficient in their possession of computer hard wares as well as human capacity in the use and application of ICT.
“To enhance their capacity, to meet up with the challenges and demands of the Electoral Act in the countdown to the 2023 elections, majority of the political parties will be needing external intervention and assistance in terms of capacity building and acquisition of the required ICT hard wares. 
“The EU Election Observer Mission and Nigeria’s other development partners will do very well to look into this aspect in their consideration of providing support towards success of the 2023 election. 
“We are therefore appealing to international donor agencies especially, the European Parliament to consider assistance both in the take-off and sustenance of the Institute. 
“Beside the material components of the support we are soliciting, we are also looking up to the global promoters of democracy, that is, our partners in the advanced free world to favourably consider our request in respect of the human and technical requirements in its operation on a long-term.

“To us in Africa, the war between Ukraine and Russia, the wanton and senseless destruction of wealth and property, the sufferings and agonies of millions of women and children, and the elderly must be contained and tamed immediately. 

“Humanity must rise up to protect our planet to avoid the perceptible fallout of the cataclysm and disruptions of prevailing fragile global peace and order. 

“We in IPAC are especially apprehensive that even the short-term ensuing economic and social crises attendant on the war, carries the grim potential of triggering political upheavals that adventurists and enemies of freedom and liberty could exploit to forcefully upstage democratically elected governments on the continent,” he said. 

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