Demutualisation: NSE announces CEOs for emerging entities

The National Council of the Nigerian Stock Exchange has announced chief executive officers that head its operating and non operating companies upon the completion of its on-going demutualisation.

The council said the new entity would comprise of three companies, Nigerian Exchange Group Plc, Nigerian Exchange Limited and NGX Regulation Limited.

The NSE council said that Nigerian Exchange Group Plc would be headed by Group chief executive officer, Mr Oscar Onyema, Nigerian Exchange Limited which would be run by Chief executive officer would be runned by Temi Popoola while Tinuade Awe would be incharge of NGX regulation Limited as the chief executive officer.

The council further said that the appointments are subject to the approval of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Under the demutualisationn plan, a non operating holdings company, the Nigerian Exchange group plc (NGX Group) has been created. The group according to the council will have three operating subsidiaries- Nigeria Exchange limited NGX), the operating exchange, NGX regulations Limited (NGX REGCO), the independent regulatory arm and NGX Reak Estate Limited (NGX RELCO), the real estate company forming the group.

It however said that all the entities have been dully registered at the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

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