Despite 496MW daily allocation, customers accuse AEDC of poor power supply

Electricity consumers Tuesday accused the management of the Abuja Electricity Distribution Plc (AEDC) of poor power supply to their communities despite receiving 496MW for the day.

The company, which covers the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nasarawa, Niger and Kogi, has its headquarters in Abuja, and in its daily power allocation report, announced on its verified Facebook page that it was allocated 496W on Tuesday.

But one of its customers, Nwefuru Nnenna Lucinda Ann, who resides in Gwarimpa Housing Estate, alleged that the company had turned her area to a darkness zone.

She said: “It has gotten so bad that you people don’t even want to know how we manage in this economy! On top of the high tariff!!! A whole Gwarimpa that used to have light, you people (have) turned it into a darkness zone. It hurts seeing light in the next street and each time we complain, all we hear is (your) complaint will soon be resolved.

“Can’t you people sort it once and face another complaint. A whole day and I have not seen light in my house. I go out in the mornings without ironing since you people have turned us to night workers. The light you bring by 1pm and take around 3pm, what exactly is your people’s purpose? It is just unfair and I must say , I am very disappointed’’.

Another consumer, Johnpaul Ekwueme, who lives in Mpape community, alleged that AEDC supplied power to the ‘rich’ at the detriment of the poor.

He said: “Well done. But Mpape, my area for a week and days now, has been having light from 11pm to 6am every day. As a result, we buy water from water vendors at a high price, since pumps are not running through (due) to poor power supply.

 “We buy patrol every day from black marketers to power generators for businesses to move at high cost, items in the deep freezer getting spoiled. The list is endless. Unfortunately in the same Mpape, some people considered VIP have light 24 hours. AEDC this is morally bad.

“Nobody is more Nigerian than another. Same source they are using can be extended to all Mpape people. After all, 85% of the entire Mpape has prepaid meters. It is heartbreaking that light is extremely sufficient to very few people, the “rich people ” and the middle class that the majority doesn’t have and businesses are suffering because of your deliberate act to please the few rich. It is unfair’’.

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