Diaspora group pledges to develop Nigeria’s business communities

The president, Manchester School, England Nigerian chapter, Ishmael Nwokocha, has said the alumni association will use its expertise to develop the community and the society in general.

Nwokocha, shortly after the association’s annual meeting in Lagos, Saturday night, said they were determined to bring solutions to the community.

Nwokocha stated that members can use the platform to network, build capacity and create avenues where they could touch lives.

“We want to come together to help, and most importantly make our goals from Manchester University realised here as a local entity.

“Nigeria being blessed with highly educated people but because there are no opportunities in the country, it looks as if the government is not doing enough.

“However, from our own advocacy point of view, we are going to help change not only the narratives, but also contribute our wealth of knowledge to the advancement of the business community,” Nwokocha said.

He said having gone to study in the United Kingdom, the next step was to come together and practicalise original thinking of what they learnt.


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