Digital learning: Don advocates ‘repackage’ of Nigeria’s lecturers, students

A Professor of  Educational Technology in the Department of Education, University of Ilorin, Samuel Onasanya, has advocated for a redesign of Nigeria’s educational technology curriculum in higher institutions of learning.

The new curriculum, he said ,should be “redesigned with emphasis on repackaging of both teachers and students to learning via the deployment of digital learning tools”.

He listed the new required digital learning tools to include “Google Classroom, Socrates Prezi, Quizlet, Adobe Spark video, Class Dojo, Seesaw, Adobe Photo suit, Adobe Premier for video editing and computer graphics tools for subsequent deployment in future classrooms.”

These were parts of his recommendation at his inaugural lecture delivered at the university on Thursday.

The lecture titled “From Slate Boards to Web: Paradigm Shift in Educational Resources Development”, was the 185th in the series of inagural lectures so far delivered in the institution.

While delivering the lecture, the professor of educational technology listed core areas for  emphasis in digital learning to include: “Computer literacy, courseware development and design, technology coordination, online learning lab coordinating, instructional system design” amongst other.

He said though, the social media have some of its bad sides, the “Nigerian educational system should look forward to salvaging adult education by providing functional literacy and continuing education for adults and youths by taking good advantage of the new media technology”

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