Dilapidated public schools

This is to express my view on the poor state of the in the country. For public schools, pragmatic policies and programmes should be formulated and implemented before they collapse.

We all know how other countries around the world improve their to improve their people and develop their economies. But, the in Nigeria is pathetic as 80% of our public schools are in dire need of modern .

Although, Nigeria budgets billions of naira for such but there is nothing to show for it. The buildings of most of our secondary schools lasted for years, the in and out got damaged, no practical materials for external exams and many more need to be considered.

The schools were dumped in terms of supervision of how they run the system and wrapped corruption cases that affect the , less discipline and risk of losing lives from old buildings during the some moments like rainy .

Likewise, the government needs to look after the school programmes on enrolment, school fees payment system, feeding, works management for standard implementation of and supervise the issues of recruitment of teachers.

Public schools are in pitiable conditions, and the long silence has to be broken for the changing of lives of thousands.

Mathew Joseph,

Department of Mass Communication,

University of

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