Disabled women charge new NCWD DG on training, empowerment

The Network of Disabled Women (NDW) has lauded the of Asabe Vilita Bashir as the of the National Centre for Women (NCWD) by Muhammadu Buhari, calling on her to prioritise the growth and of women especially those living with disabilities.

and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the network, Lois Auta-Udonkanta, made the call in a statement signed in at the weekend, noting that women with disabilities were not being adequately carried along in various trainings available for women at the centre.

The statement also noted the increasing number of unemployed people living with disabilities in the country, adding that the lack of inclusion in programmes that benefit women has remained the bane to their empowerment and .

“One of the reasons persons with disabilities are excluded from is that they encounter barriers to participation in education and training, so they are denied access to the skills they need to find jobs or set up their own businesses.

“Traditionally, when persons with disabilities have been offered vocational skills training, it has been in sheltered, segregated settings where persons with disabilities are congregated and supervised or trained by persons outside those groups. These are often the main vocational skill building open to them, but they contain inherent challenges for those interested in educating themselves to enter the open labour .

“Persons with disabilities do not learn the social and soft skills that are needed in an open, competitive job as they miss the necessary exposure to that .

“Skills taught are often segregated by type of impairment or chosen based on what is considered appropriate for a certain type of impairment rather than on the students’ own interests or abilities,” she added.

The CEO stressed the need for sheltered training programmes for women with disabilities, saying this would enable a significant number of disabled women to gain and therefore become economically empowered.

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