Disenchantment, intimidation cost Kwara PDP 2019 elections – Ahmed

The immediate past governor of Kwara state, Abdulfatah Ahmed, has attributed the Peoples Democratic Party’s loss in the 2019 general elections disenchantment and by the security agencies.

Ahmed also said the APC-backed federal government deployed all levels of security operatives to harass and intimidate its members and supporters, thereby causing low turn-out of voters.

The alleged harassment and poor turn-out of frightened PDP supporters in the state led to the unfortunate defeat the party suffered in the hands of the APC.

Ahmed, who disclosed this recently in an interview he granted a local newspaper in the state, equally admitted that there were some levels of disenchantment among his party men.

He said, “Some level of disenchantment and high levels of equally contributed, and it created an environment where people decided to just play it the way they felt to probably keep safe.

 “Obviously, we could see firstly then that we faced a lot of harassment from the security agencies which led to low turn-out of voter in major areas in the state,”

Explaining further, Ahmed noted that there were also some levels of disenchantment that could not be disregarded.

On whether he actually worked for the opposition APC when his preferred candidate, Bolaji Abdulahi, lost out in the power play, Ahmed dismissed the insinuation, saying there were rumours that needed no response.

“You pretend as if some things never occurred because this was an election that i committed my resources, my body and my soul.

“I put everything I had in the election, I travelled round the whole state campaigning all through day and night, in order to ensure that the party had optimal support at all levels. My body language demonstrated where I was going.

“Aside campaigns, I worked tirelessly for the success of PDP, so how else would I have shown that I am for PDP,” he asked.

Ahmed submitted that the Governor AbdulRahman-led government in the state would achieve result if it remains focused and define its priority in the next four years. 

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