Disregard petition against NNRA, CSOs urge anti-graft agencies

Three civil society organisations in Abuja have urged anti-graft agencies to disregard what they called “orchestrated mischief by disgruntled employees of the Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Agency (NNRA).”
The civil society organization; Arewa Initiative (AI), Coalition of Youth Against Corruption (COYAC), and Good Governance Initiative (GGI) said the said employees have vowed to get at the management of NNRA “for not allowing them unfettered access to the financial resources of the regulatory agency.”
A statement signed by the Secretary, Arewa Initiative (AI), Mohammed Dantijo, President of COYAC, Mahmud Bello, and National Coordinator of (GGI), Sani Ninjiba Sarki, condemned “the clandestine plot, blackmail and malicious petition to anti-graft agencies and security organisations as wicked and defamatory” aimed at settling scores to discredit the management of NNRA.
“As champions and propagators of transparency, good governance and accountability in the public service, this malicious ethnic casting of aspersion on the management of the NNRA, campaign of calumny, witch-hunt, and threatening the management of the regulatory agency is not only detrimental to good governance practice but to the lives and security of management of NNRA.
“This smear campaign of calumny presently being orchestrated by these disgruntled former employees is intended to pull down the name of the organization into public odium and therefore should be disregarded by all well-meaning Nigerians in entirety,” the statement said.
The CSOs called on the present administration of President Muhammadu Buhari to ignore the antics of this unpatriotic former and their cohorts masquerading themselves “as northerners and APC members” to hoodwink the gullible members of the public and security agencies. Adding that it should be disregarded as false, mischievous innuendoes and concocted lies hatched by these fifth columnists to draw the ire of the present administration on the mercurial management of the NNRA.

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