Document your teaching, NILDS DG tells Ilorin scholars

Director General, National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies (NILDS), Prof. Abubakar Olanrewaju Sulaiman, has tasked Islamic clerics in Ilorin, Kwara state to imbibe the culture of documenting their teachings and contributions to knowledge.
He spoke on Saturday during the launching of the book titled, “Benediction and Supplication with the Holy Qur’an for Human Salvation” written by Khalifat Mahmud Sulaiman Ameenullahi Okeleru.

Prof. Sulaiman who is a former minister for national planning and chairman of the occasion said verbal messages delivered by scholars in Ilorin must always be documented to reflect their contributions to knowledge. 

He reiterated that Ilorin remains a centre of Islamic knowledge globally which boasts of prominent Islamic scholars who had made huge marks in Islamic jurisprudence. 

He challenged the present day scholars who took over the rein from their fathers and forefathers to pay more attention to “archiving, research and documentation.”
For instance, he noted that the founder of Markaz Islamic centre in Lagos, Sheikh Adam Abdullahi Al-Ilory and that of Adabiyyah and the first Mufti of Ilorin, Sheikh Kamal-deen Habeebullahi Al-Adabiy, both of blessed memory, were listed in the “Who is Who in Africa” owing to their deep contributions to knowledge as epitomised by countless number of books they wrote.

He said scholars of today must take up the gauntlet by documenting their preachings and spread the messages globally. 

The former minister said the author of the book, Khalifa Mahmud has contributed to the body of knowledge through the production of the book.
“This should be a pace-setter for others. This is why Ilorin is known as the centre of Islamic jurisprudence. This gathering is an act of Ibadah and I encourage everyone of us especially those of us who are Khalifa to follow the same pattern,” he said.

The launching was attended by the Emir of Ilorin, Sheikh Ibrahim Sulu-Gambari represented by Ajanasi Agba of Ilorin, Alhaji Mujitaba Yusuf, retired Grand Khadi of the Kwara state Sharia court of Appeal, Justice Salihu Olohuntoyin Mohammed, former Dean of Postgraduate School, University of Ilorin, Prof. Yusuf Lanre Badmus, among others.

The book reviewer, Dr. Ridwan Apaokagi, recommended the book for all and sundry, saying it is a veritable contribution to the body of knowledge. 

On his part, Prof. Badmus who is also the Chief Imam of Al-Hilal Central Mosque, said Khalifa Mahmud has challenged all and sundry who are Islamic Scholars to endeavour to write.

“We should endeavour to write and not worry about criticism. If you don’t write, there would be nothing for the critics to talk about. What Sheikh Mahmud did is a very noble and commendable work and a great contribution to knowledge,” he said.