Don’t elect greedy person speaker – Salaam

The outgoing Speaker of Osun state House Assembly, Dr Najeem Salaam, has appealed to the leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) not endorse any member-elect known for being selfish and lacking parliamentary experience.

Instead, he urged the party and even the members themselves to consider only experienced and versatile parliamentarian for the position of speaker of the incoming assembly.

The speaker, who said the only should play a major role in the choice of the speaker, said the one to be selected should narrow down to any member-elect with the experience, fairness, and firmness and capacity to act devoid of sentiment.

“To be a successful leader in Osun assembly, you must be ready to sacrifice many things and be contented with the little you have. If you are an agitator who always wants everything, then you cannot lead Osun assembly,’’ Salaam warned.

Continuing he said: “One vital thing that will be a guide for party leaders in choosing who will be the next speaker is the level of experience of the incoming lawmakers. Sentiments should be put aside; rather, someone who is capable and can deliver should be elected.

“If someone who is not acceptable by the people is elected through sentiments, such a person can only last for a year because the members of the Assembly have the right to impeach their leader,’’ Salaam said noting that with the economic situation in the state, any lawmaker who is greedy and not ready to make sacrifices cannot be the speaker of the assembly.

Salaam, who stated this in Osogbo Thursday, also said he would miss the gavel, stressing that no other job could be so interesting like hitting the gavel, which is the symbol of authority on every issue on the floor of the House.

“Every drafter of a bill in the Assembly has the idea of what he wants the law to look like at the end of the day. Without the gavel of the Speaker, which is the stamp of authority, there is no how such a bill can become law.

“Putting gavel on every bill and issue as a final stamp of authority as Speaker of the Assembly is one of those things I will miss,’’ the Speaker said.

Salaam (APC–Ejigbo), who is the Speaker of the Assembly for two consecutive terms, said he would also miss the opportunity of passing bills that would be of great benefits to the citizens.

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