They don’t really care about us

President Muhammadu Buhari was in Kano to attend the wedding of Gov. Ganduje’s daughter. Aid workers, poorly equipped soldiers at front line and parents of the 110 Dapchi girls can go to hell for all somebody cares!
Do you still need more facts to agree that your so called Democracy is a Government of the elites? It’s better to attend the wedding of a well-to- do friend than visit the parents of the 110 abducted girls who came out en mass to vote for you under scorching sun!
In Michael Jackson’s song: All I say is that; They don’t really care about us; All I wanna say is that; They don’t really care about us.
The defence of the defenceless reminds me of a story of two people. On their way trekking back home from work, and from afar, two friends saw what looked like a white bird and a goat to them. The first guy said “Look at that goat and the other one said, “ it’s a bird”. Belbela, Kanyi, Belbela, Kanyi…The argument continued untill they reached close to the bird and the bird flew away. The second adamant friend maintained his stand and said, Koya fire akuya nefa meaning Its a goat even if it flies!
Tell them Buhari has no sympathy for the common man on the streets and they won’t agree..Buhari himself will always show them his unsympathetic and nonchalant attitude, yet they will make excuses for him. What is wrong with some people’s heads? Like Buhari’s, I have started doubting the mental health status of many Nigerians who claim to know their right and left. Ridiculous!
Like every human being Buhari is not infallible but some people’s insistence that he doesn’t make mistake and their hostile respond to anyone who tries to correct Buhari’s 1001 gaffes makes him vulnerable to all sort of criticisms.
Buhari decided to say “NO that’s not what i am” to people who named him Mai tausayin talakawa- Saviour of the common Man- in his actions and actions from ascending the throne to date….

Muhammad Bukar,
Yobe State University, Damaturu

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