Don’t take Kano back to thuggery

With the present ravaging insecurity, whereby terrorists gruesomely murdered almost 70 vigilantes in Kebbi state, it’s sad to note that the long-standing menacing threats of political thuggery is still rearing its ugly head in some states of Northern Nigeria as we approach the 2023 general elections.

Incidentally, political thuggery will no doubt produce incredible candidates and rob the political sphere of good, competent and reliable candidates. Based on the recent incident, with particular reference to the killings in some rural and urban areas of Kano state, some activities of notable politicians may turn us back to the brutal gory days of political thuggery.

The reported deaths which led to some bigwigs’ arrest must serve as a clear signal to us that, if care is not taken, in their bids to maintain their seats or anoint their successors, politicians are ready to engage in do-or-die politics.

This misfortune that we are want to bequeath to the future generations may spell doom for them. If just for being in a political position, you decide to team up with your political ruffians to attack an opponent, how sure are you of being safe if the victim ended up to be the winner of the election.

In spite of easy and quick accessibility of both traditional and modern media, where people freely express their opinions, viewpoints and perceptions, one wonders, why we continue to reap the seed of bitter hatred in politics. Politicians should better sheathe their swords. More so, giving the room for peaceful, civilised electioneering is free of rancour and enmity.

One wonders why it is not possible to play violence-free politics? Political violence is a primitive behaviour which must be stopped by any means. Similarly, any person found wanting of criminal tendencies should immediately be put behind bars.

As a matter of fact, for us to rid ourselves of the slayer scourge of political savagery, we better desist from shielding criminals under whatever guise. Therefore, it’s sad to note that jeopardisng the 21st century politics with such toxic elements with no scruples to attack opponents, would definitely endanger the political atmosphere.

As long as the people’s interest matters, as false pretext for politicians, whatever cause will be achieved without resorting to thuggish, abominable violent behaviour, should be encouraged. That’s why oftentimes, doubts becloud perceptive, discernible minds when some politicians present themselves as custodians of public security.

They’ve been entrusted to provide security, but In a bewildering contradiction, those who should safeguard people’s lives and the citizens’ general well-being, thereby making lives highly sacrosanct, end up scheming and teaming to engage thugs to threaten, harass, maim the innocent citizens. How do you expect someone with inclination to lawlessness to guarantee safety?

Abbas Datti,


[email protected]

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