DRAC seeks media support on disabilities act implementation

The Disability Rights Advocacy Centre (DRAC),  has called for increased media advocacy towards improving the lives of Persons living with Disabilities through the implementatiin of the disability Act.
DRAC also wants the establiment of the Disability Right Commission to monitor compliance with the provision of the Act.
To achieve this objective, the froup organised a breakfast meeting with the media. 

In his remarks, the Executive Director, Irene Patrick-Ogbogu said the media can not only correct misconception about the Act but also promote a positive images about persons with disabilities.
The meeting had as its theme “expanding the role of the media in disability inclusion.”

According to her, the media should ask questions about the Act as its been one year since it was signed into law yet there hasn’t been action by the government.
On the disability Commission, She said it shoukd be headed by person with disability, thereby including persons with disability in governance.
She further explained that the journey towards having a disability Act, started 18 years ago and has been through many processes in the 8th assembly before it was signed into law in 2019.

She said the law prescribes so many helpful and favorable policies for persons with disabilities and will impact positively with them.

“The act prohibits all forms of discrimination with persons with Disability interms of access to Education, employment among others 
“Persons with Disability are excluded with so many forms of life . We also want to see where state actors adopt or domesticate the disability act at all state levels ,” she said.

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