Dropping out of school

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The rate at which children are dropping out of school nowadays calls for concern on the part of parents and the general public.
Certainly, those who are still in school would need to study hard to achieve their future desires.
The poor economic power of parents often makes it impossible to provide for their children’s school needs, thereby impacting them negatively in terms of academic performance. It makes them willing to drop out of school.
Apart from this, the need for quick and easy money easily lures some youths child into becoming bus conductors. This is a profession where they would make money on a daily basis.
If such youths make money and spend it freely, their next line of action could be to drop out of school. They continue in this line of business until they graduate to agberos (motor park touts).
Furthermore, the child labour in which many children find themselves also accounts for why some drop out of school nowadays.
When a child lives with his or her parents, there is little tendency for such a child to drop out of school.
But if a child lives with other people and he or she has a misunderstanding with the supposed parents who consider his or her education a waste of time, such a child could drop out of school.
Basically, where there is adequate provision of jobs for the people by the government and wealthy individuals, parents, especially the poor ones who have children in school, will be empowered economically to cater for their children.

Olabisi Ajagunna,
Ijebu-Igbo, Ogun state

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