Durbar, Dala hills, others make Kano a beautiful city

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Kano is a north western state in Nigeria, regarded as the commercial nerve center of Northern Nigeria. It’s a metropolis principally inhabited by the Hausa and Fulani people, it’s strategically located and owns its leading position as a commercial hub in the SubSaharan Africa. Th is article reveals a bit more about Kano by sharing 5 beautiful things about the industrious state. Kano City Wall You might have heard of this stunning tourist attraction before. It’s a famous wall (14 kilometers long), built in the 14th century to secure the city.

Th e wall is a lovely sight to behold, it might not be as magnifi cent as the Great Wall of China, but in its own way it humbly off ers a piece of archeological signifi cance and architectural beauty that’s worthy of admiration. Kano Durbar Th is is an annual festival held in Kano and it’s a thrilling display of the culture, tradition and religion of the Kano people. Th e emir of Kano hosts a Durbar to mark and celebrate the two annual Muslim festivals: Eid-al-Fitr and Eid-al-Adha. Th e Durbar basically involves a procession of highly elaborately dressed horsemen who pass through the city to the emir’s palace.

Once assembled near the palace, the groups of horsemen (each representing a nearby village) take turns to charge towards the emir, pulling up a few feet from seated dignitaries to off er their respect and allegiance. It’s a rich display of culture, tradition and religion and it’s a beautiful sight to behold. Tiga Dam Th is dam is a major reservoir on the Kano River and is a major source of irrigation for farmers. It has a shallow lake where one can wade in the cool water, relax and take beautiful pictures.

Th is is mainly because of its stunningly beautiful scenery, which can be great for music videos. It’s a safe location to enjoy, an interesting place to visit and it’s a location that continues to attract tourists. Visitors can go on a boat cruise while there or even try their hands on fi shing. Dyeing Pits Th e Kano people have a lot of beautiful fabrics that you tend to see on full display during their Durbar festival. Th ose beautiful fabrics are made at their numerous dyeing pits. In ancient Kano, dyeing fabrics was one of the most lucrative occupations and people came from far and wide to buy their beautiful fabrics. At the Kano dyeing pits, you can learn a thing or two about cloth-dyeing and buy one or two lovely dyed fabrics to show off with. Dala Hills Th is is another lovely natural wonder in Kano state.

Th e ancient hill is so captivating and alluring that almost anyone who lays eyes on it will desire to explore it and will very likely want to see its top. Th e hill is 534 meters high and there are about nine hundred and ninety nine footsteps on the hill, so you’ve got to be really brave and gather some courage to face those steps and see its top (although, you don’t have to climb all 999 if you don’t want to, then again the allure to see its top might just inspire you to). Www.jumiatravel.com



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