East West Seed unveils 7 new seed varieties

As part of it efforts to enhance Nigeria food sufficiency and security, the East West Seed company has unveiled seven new varieties of improved seeds in Nigeria.

Speaking during the unveiling ceremony in Abuja recently, the Business Development Manager, East West Seed Nigeria, Hadiza Yaro, said the company invests 10% of what the company get as revenue on research and development, hence it rating in the global seed index.

Some of the unveiled seeds include; Tomato Diva F1, Papaya Gymbia F1, Watermelon Sweet Sangria F1, Hot pepper Piquante Yellow F1, Hot Pepper Spicy F1, Gboma Eggplant (African Leafy Vegetable) Sika, Cucumber Daewy F1.

According to Yaro,

The East West Seed company has revealed that company is rated as one of the best seed producers in South and South East Asia and ranked number three in Central and West Africa on vegetable seed production.

“So our breeders are always researching to see what are the trends in the market, what are the complaints from farmers, what can they do to improve the existing varieties so that farmers can make more yields so to get good income.

“Today is hard work about 15 years because is not easy to come up with one hybrid. If you check the global rating on vegetable companies in the world one of our strengths in EAST WEST SEED is we are one of those companies that keep smallholder farmers to mind, and we keep on improving on what we have.

“We are rated number one in terms of reaching out to farmers. That is why I made reference to global seed index, and recently we were applauded for 2016 until 2021 as number one vegetable leader, s in South and South-East Asia. Also EAST WEST SEED was ranked number three in Central West Africa,” she said.

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