Ebonyi man held for burying 5-month-old daughter alive

The Ebonyi state police command on Friday arraigned a 26-year-old man, Mr Anthony Sunday, for burying his five-month-old daughter alive.

He was said to have on May 26, this year, at Okwerike village, Abaomege, Onicha local government area, decided to get even at his ‘unfaithful wife’ who he had constantly had disagreements and fights with by killing their daughter.

Blueprint Weekend gathered that Sunday carried the baby, Roseline, to an empty land behind his yam ban and buried her alive in a shallow grave.

It was further learnt that the wife after the day’s quarrel in the morning where she was as usual accused by her husband of keeping late nights, fed and bathed Roseline and left her in custody of her father and other siblings before leaving the house.

“We learnt that Roseline’s disappearance and death was not noticed by any other person in the vicinity till the mother came back and wanted to breast feed her, but could not find her,” a neighbour, who asked not to be named in print, said.

Our correspondent also gathered that search parties were set up, but they could not find the baby until Sunday confessed and later exhumed Roseline’s corpse, blaming his wife who, according to him, always gets him upset.

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