Edo anti-grazing bill

The anti-grazing bill in Edo state is an attempt by Edo PDP to cause mayhem and anarchy which will enable them to blame Governor Godwin Obaseki.
The question an average Edo man asks today is who are Edo cattle owners? Prominent members of Edo PDP are cattle owners that the anti-grazing bill sponsored by Edo PDP does not address.

I want the Edo State House of Assembly to reject the bill because Edo PDP wants to use the bill to cause chaos and anarchy just like what is happening in Benue State. Another name for this bill is Chaos Grazing Bill.

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The people of Edo state want to know the damage that the cows owned by prominent members of Edo PDP have done to their farms. We are interested on how prominent members of Edo PDP recruit Fulani men that take care of their cows. Edo PDP should tell the people of Edo state of how many of them have employed Fulanis to take care of their cows.

Many natives in Edo state are cattle owners and the majority of the cows in state are owned by prominent Edo people who are mainly members of PDP. From Okada to Amagba to Ehor and others prominent Edo people mostly, members of PDP, are cattle owners. Why is Edo PDP silent on its members who employ the service of Fulanis as herdsmen?

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Many Nigerians are not aware that people from Southern Nigeria own cows like those from the North in the 21st century. I challenge Edo state indigenes who are cattle owners to speak out. Many Edo people are among the powerful Nigerians who are cattle owners.

The Fulani herdsmen terrorists do not own cattle, Fulani herdsmen major job description is to take care of cattle. They do not own any cattle. Most of them are employed as ‘security men’ whose job is strictly to protect the cattle.

The Fulani herdsmen that accompany cattle from the North to the South per season do not own cattle. They are owned by prominent Fulani leaders in the country. Most Nigerian Fulanis are no longer migratory herdsmen, but ‘big men’ in Nigeria politics and business but still maintain their ownership of cattle.

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Inwalomhe Donald,
Benin City, Edo state

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