Education, foundation for knowledge transfer – Provost

Provost of the FCT College of Education Zuba, Dr Muhammad Gambo Hamza, has said education is the  basis for transferring knowledge, culture and other forms of living to younger generation.

He stated this while declaring open the 5th national conference of the school of arts and social sciences of the college with theme; Insecurity and challenges in a democratic society: The place of quality education.

 He stated that the task of eradicating insecurity in Nigeria is not a rosy affair. He said the FCT college of education, since its establishment in 1997, has enjoyed an excellent record of successes and achievement in serving the society, particularly through human resources development and institutional capacity building. We are committed to creating an environment that is conducive to innovative and critical thinking for societal growth and sustainable development.

He stated that the development of any country into a great nation is only possible if there are competent and dedicated teachers to impart the appropriate knowledge, aptitude and skills.

“We need quality education and improve the quality of teacher education and develop educational standard that contains local and national issues,” he said.

 He added that no nation can be developed without good educational system and a planned programme of action and policies. Consequently, he said, education and security can influence each other positively or negatively depending on the contexts.

He pointed out that education empowers individual and liberates from ignorance, prejudice, bias, superstition, and manipulation by people who claim to have superior knowledge.

He stated further that, the concept of insecurity is a cross-cutting and multi-dimensional concept which has been subject to debates. He said insecurity is viewed differently by different researchers and it has been a major challenge to the Nigerian government in recent times.

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