Edward Adamu, an accomplished banker and team player

Hard work pays and is accompanied by a trail of compliments, awards and rewards that live after a person. Musonius Rufus said, if you accomplish anything good with hard labour, the labour passes quickly but the good endures, however, if you do something shameful in pursuit of pleasure, the pleasure passes quickly but the shame endures.

It’s easier to put in your best and do the right thing to achieve results than follow the crooked way of achieving pleasure. In order words, the energy one uses to cut corners and swindle a system is much more than the efforts needed to accomplish a task in an honourable manner. This explains why the pains of an honest effort can easily be forgotten when success is achieved but the shame of an illicit life endures.

The Deputy Governor of Corporate Services at the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Dr. Edward Adamu, has lived all his life upholding the tenets of hard work which explains his steady rise in his chosen career and the myriad of achievements and awards that have accompanied his stewardship as a banker. Throughout his years in the banking sector, not even a query or spec of suspicion has been directed towards him. With what he has achieved so far at this young age, the World Bank will soon come knocking at his door.

Adamu has worked tirelessly under the able leadership of Chief Godwin Emefiele to reposition corporate services and ensured efficiency in the department. The fine relationship that has existed between the CBN and other banks as well as other organisations that deal directly with the banker’s bank has never been better. This is thanks to his ability to work assiduously with his team of dedicated staff and superior.

Adamu is not only an excellent team player but a highly disciplined civil servant. His work ethics is legendary, making him a model to the staff under him and the banking sector in Nigeria at large. For a man who is known for his punctuality and zero tolerance for corruption, it is no wonder that his unit is rarely visited by auditors and has never been found wanting.

From a perception by a majority of Nigerians, Dr. Edward has not only rebranded the CBN in the eyes of Nigerians and the world at large but has worked tirelessly to sustain the good image of the bank. The fiscal policies and practical interventions of the CBN in stabilising inflation, exchange rate and reducing unemployment have all helped to put the apex bank in the good books of Nigerians, thanks to Adamu and his team.

The phenomenal transformation at the directorate of communication headed by Dr Osita Nwanosiba cannot be left out. Under the supervision of Adamu, the directorate has not just become very effective but the first point of call for Nigerians looking for credible information about the activities of the CBN. The general public and researchers can now safely and efficiently get updated data and information about the activities of the CBN. The open-door policy of the directorate of communication has also increased investors’ confidence in the Nigerian economy.

As we celebrate this great achiever and a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Bankers on his new age, it is pertinent to note that CBN under Emefiele is succeeding because of team players like Dr. Adamu and the other numerous, hardworking and dedicated deputy governors and directors who have worked round the clock to ensure that the CBN delivers efficiently.

Solomon Semaka,
Convener, Save Nigeria Movement

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