EHA Clinics open COVID-19 treatment facility in Abuja

EHA Clinics, a subsidiary of e-Health Africa, has opened a state of the art COVID-19 isolation and treatment  facility in Abuja.
Speaking to newsmen while officially unveiling the facility, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of EHA, Adam Thomson, said the “facility will provide treatment for patients with mild to moderate cases of COVID-19.”

He said the facility was designed as a best practice model to offer patients continuous vital signs monitoring, respiratory support and medical administration by a world-class medical team.
According to Thomson, “the 11-bed centre is fully equipped with state of the art medical equipment. It also has amenities like high-speed internet and streaming television for the comfort of patients.

Thomson noted that the facility would augment Abuja’s dire need of more COVID-19 treatment and isolation centres, being the state with second highest number of cases in Nigeria.
EHA Clinics is a world-class primary health care service provider with facilities in Kano and Abuja.

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