Ekiti poll: I’ll be unusual governor – Opeyemi

Ekiti governorship aspirant, Bamidele Opeyemi, has promised to be an unusual governor if elected into the exalted office. Opeyemi, who is angling for the position on the platform of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC), said he has developed a blueprint tagged “Keeping Hope Alive” which he would use to chart the course of development of the state. Opeyemi, who disclosed this after submitting his nomination form at the party secretariat in Abuja, assured that he would redress the multifaceted problems plaguing Ekiti State. “We will hit the ground running as soon as I am sworn into office because everything in Ekiti has been afflicted.

I hope to intervene through the offer of a selfl ess and quality leadership. “We will make Ekiti State one of the best in the country. Already, I have conducted a town by town, and local government by local government analysis of resources available and the opportunities that could be utilized by the people of the state. “My vision is to mobilise the people, particularly young men and women, to activate their latent potentials in consultation with relevant stakeholders at the local government level with a view to evolving strategic roadmap for agricultural development and rural transformation in Ekiti State.”

He singled out the revitalization of the economy, agricultural sector, qualitative education and the creation of employment opportunities as areas he would prioritized, if voted into power. Meanwhile, another aspirant, Senator Gbenga Aluko, has promised that he would not probe the current government of Ayodele Fayose or those before him, if elected as the next governor of the state. According to him, dissipating energy on unnecessary probe would be wasting public funds and time on useless venture. “As an individual, I don’t really criticize people because the easiest thing to do is to criticize. The most difficult thing to do is to be constructive.

I always want to be constructive. “Stomach infrastructure to me is joke because I don’t know how to explain or define stomach infrastructure. I just told you the infrastructure that I know about Mamah said Gov. Ugwuanyi has attained 90 percent success in terms of project implementation as against others that were governors before him. “Gov Ugwuanyi has been able to achieve what most Governors in the country, both presently and the past could not achieve. The road from Opi junction to Nsukka is a road that I know how it was started and how it ended. And this particular road Marian Ali, Dr. Goodnews Agbi and Reverend Ossai Abbeh, Hon. George Timinimi, Chief Charles Uwaechie and Chief Sam Oteheri, among others The group’s Spokesman, Chief Adelabu Bodjor, alleged that the Senate under the current leadership of Senator Bukola Saraki, was nursing a sinister motive of undermining President Muhammadu Buhari and by extension, the ruling party.

“By the letters and spirit of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended), the Senate cannot nullify, tinker with, or suspend the election of a Senator of our Republic. “The Senate cannot compel a Ugwuanyi deserves 2nd term- Ex-guber aspirant Omo-Agege: Delta APC accuses Saraki, Senate of legislative tyranny was done under six months by this present government. “And so many other roads have been done. There has been numerous empowerment programmes going on.

This is in spite of the lean resources at his disposal. There is nothing like ritual killings, robberies and all those ones. From my own scorecard, he has performed more than 90%. “All the workers in Enugu under NULGE, TUC and NLC including pensioners on Thursday came out to endorse him for a second term in office. They wouldn’t do this if workers are owed in the state.

He has really shown others the true definition of leadership”, he said. He said that endorsing Gov. Ugwuanyi without the voters card does not make any sense, hence the need to obtain the PVC to be illegible to vote. Senator to vacate his seat and, as a consequence, deny his people their constitutionally guaranteed right of representation. “A Senator can only vacate his seat by the reason of death, a recall by his constituents or if, without a division in the Party on whose platform he was elected, he decamps from that party, or otherwise by an appropriate judicial pronouncement.

None of these is the case at hand “It is extremely offensive that the Distinguished Senator Omo-Agege was purportedly suspended for his opinions on a controversial amendment to the Electoral Act regarding the sequence of general elections. The senator did not break any law of the land. “Rather, his only alleged fault is that he said, ‘there is a perception out there that the proposed amendment is targeted at Mr. President (Buhari)’. “So, we must ask: Why ‘suspend’ Senator Omo-Agege and deny our people their constitutional right of representation in the Senate just because he merely alluded to an obvious public perception?

“If that is such a huge offence, then it should also be just right to insist that persons on trial for allegedly committing weighty crimes and other off ences should themselves be suspended or banned from the Senate. These persons know themselves”, he said. By Chuks Nweze Enugu Former governorship aspirant in Enugu State on the platform the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Prince Emeka Mamah, has praised the leadership qualities of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi saying that he has performed creditably these past three years, and thus deserves a second term. which is road and power. The present government will end October 16 and I am praying that I will take over from him.

“As a person, by my upbringing, I draw a line on the sand. I always move forward. In life, if you look backward, you can never move forward. So, I am not one that will be looking at what the previous government did. I wasn’t brought up like that. I will draw a line in the sand and I will move forward to develop Ekiti state.”

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