Deep in the Sahel
Across vast land, of shrubs and date Palm
Herds of cattle raising a cloud of dust,
As they cross to the Basin
Sits a Dynasty.

Evolved from a civilization
Built upon discipline, hospitality
And a great thirst for knowledge, wisdom and Justice
Stretching across the plains of the Chad to the hills of Gwoza
With sweet scent of perfume in the air
And Persian carpets, glittering jewelries adorn the shops
Just , Kind and accommodating were the people
An Empire admired
Trading fish and perfums
Teaching peace and justice
Through rich Islamic culture, the people were ruled
The land nobly thrived
El Kanemi’s Borno
Your youths now shed blood
Soiling the pact of peace and love
Built over centuries.
With bombs and bullets chaos now reigns
Replacing the old serenity with anarchy.
I hear the cry of a newborn orphan, asking for his father…….
I hear an old woman crying,
Mourning the death of her sons,
Weeping all night,
In the morning she sits by the graves
Old and weary.
Listen……. Listen…..
Do you hear the cry of the pregnant widow?
Her cries are heard across the plains and mountains,
Heaven grieves over her loss
The death of her husband
Brutally murdered by you.

I hear yet another cry………
The cry of the blood of the innocent
Spilled all over the land
Their spirits hovering,
And casting a dark cloud
Over the land
Oh Borno!
Listen to reason
Cage your rage,
Bury your fury
And let us live once again in Candour

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