El-Rufa’i, fulfil your promise to primary teachers


Newly recruited primary school teachers and the old ones in Kaduna state were very happy in 2018 when the governor, Malam Nasir El-Rufai, promised them good packages such as improved welfare and building houses for the teachers who when transferred to rural areas would not want to because of the nature of such places.

It is more than four years now since the promise was made, but the situation has remained unchanged as the governor has not redeemed his promises to the primary school teachers in Kaduna state.

This can be said to be unbecoming of a leader who is supposed to fulfil everything said for the betterment of the state. His quest to make Kaduna great again should not only be on infrastructure development but the welfare of primary school teachers should also be a priority of the government.

Also worthy of note is the issue of late payment of primary school teachers salaries in Kaduna state. This has caused hardship for many of them. As a result of the late payment of salaries, some of the primary school teachers cannot even pay their debt and plan, because before the late salaries are paid they are already heavily indebted. So, when they get their salaries they only end up settling part of their debts and carry the rest over to the subsequent months.

And with the current economic reality, what an average primary school teacher is collecting cannot even sustain them till the end of the month, talk more of even saving something for the future.
So, we deem it fit to call on the governor to please fulfil his promise to primary school teachers.

To write your name in gold in the hearts of primary school teachers, Governor El-Rufai should fulfil his promises to the teachers and ensure that they are paid on time just as other civil servants in the state are paid .

Having done well in other sectors in the state, the governor should also do well in the primary schools in the state by providing the schools with effective and adequate learning materials, so that it would aid learning process.

Also, the governor should include incentives that would boost the morale of primary school teachers, so that they can feel secure and comfortable in discharging their duties.

As a leader, if you want to erect a great company, at first you have to create an environment where someone can raise their hand and say “I disagree” without any panic of dismissal, or victimisation. So, it is high time Kaduna state government fulfilled some of the promises made to the primary school teachers.

This is necessary to make have job satisfaction. Also they would give in their best when they have a permanent and pensionable job, which when they retired they can start small scale business with their pensions and gratuity.

When all the aforementioned is handled and taking care of, the state would witness an outburst in the primary school sector in the state.

It would be recalled that the governor of Kaduna state and the then commission of education in the state at different forum in January 2018 make so many promises to the newly recruited primary school teachers,

The governor who has performed excellently in other sectors in the state which has received a lot of commendation from within and outside the state and the nation, can also do the same to teachers in the state, especially the primary school teachers.

Dangana Henry Joseph,
Muhammad Umar Shehu
[email protected] [email protected]