El-Rufai, governor with a difference

Kaduna state governor Nasir El-Rufai

Really, one must thank the people that introduced the word democracy. Thanking the initiators of democracy of over 200 years is necessary, considering how the poor individuals came to being the leaders of the peasant-farmers, and the poor labourers that occupied the largest areas of human habitation. The history of the centre and theatres of the world attractions could be the Greek’s civilization that had caused Russian revolution and that of French which were said to be bloody. Greeks were said to be the first to introduce democracy, then it spread to Rome.

The Roman revolution brought about the actual revolution that caged the whole Europe and America to embrace this now horrible word democracy: one needs not to expand the poor expectations of democracy preferably in Africa because of its changing gear that resulted into consuming the lives of the 85% peasants around the black Africa; is this what they call democratic-revolution or democratic humanism? Nigeria is considered as the giant of Africa seeing its size and huge population of over 200 million. So, by 1979, America was happy that Nigeria has embraced its political system, the presidential system, despite the fact that many people especially our political leaders from north to west and the south had complained so vigorously about its expensiveness. But our military junta had already endorsed it to the chagrin of all because they, the military, thought embracing that system would appease the Yankees! Now, since 1979 to date, what benefit has the common Nigerian as peasant enjoyed from democracy?

Governor Nasir El-Rufai was perhaps convincingly elected for two terms by the generality of the people of Kaduna state, knowing fully his intents to do what he feels of paramount importance to his desires. The people of Kaduna state voted for El-Rufai because of Buhari’s popularity, otherwise, prince El-Rufai wouldn’t have scaled through. See now, how “the people’s governor” demolishes houses, market stalls and everything.

Is this to say democracy is there to benefit the lives and aspirations of the common man? The peasants in Russia were the cause of its revolution and, certainly, the French revolution; Nigeria will not embrace such democratic world. This is an old fashion which had been buried. El-Rufai will finish his term unpunished by his party and the high table members believing him to be above the law; sending many peasants to the low-land of poverty with number of sacked workers and the demolishing of thousands stalls. What will be the fate of Kaduna state in 2021-2023?

Ibrahim Abdu Zango,