Embrace values, morality, varsity don tasks NGOs

A law lecturer at Baze University Abuja, Dr Sam Amadi, has advised upcoming non – governmental organisations (NGOs) in the country to embrace values of morality and be focused in their chosen areas and be willing to sacrifice in the short and long term to attain their goal.

Dr Amadi who spoke Wednesday in Abuja at the unveiling of a non-governmental organisation, NATU Foundation, said most NGOs make money and crumble their visions in a bid to enjoy the money.

He noted that part of the problem of youth is their inordinate love for money and their desire for immediate enjoyment devoid of the initial sacrifices which in turn crumbles their good visions.

He urged the founder of the new NGO Miss Joyce Desmond to keep her eyes off quick money and first get the job done, adding that the money would eventually come.

“One of the crises of our people is lack of morality. This is not the first foundation and it won’t be the last. What distinguishes you is your degree of focus and your ability to sacrifice. I have tried to stay focused in everything I do and the other thing is ability to sacrifice short term, long term.

You can make money from this way and crumble the vision and then you go and eat the money. That’s one thing I’m not sure about today’s youth. They love money so much. All they thing is about money, money to live well. The only problem is can you keep your eyes off quick money and get the job done because credibility is all it takes.”

Another lecturer at International Institute of Journalism, Dr Law Mefor, emphasised that two factors- mentoring and integrity would make a new NGO grow in leaps and bounds.

“Two things matter- mentoring and integrity. Without these two, one cannot do much. This is fundamental because learning the ropes takes quite a lot but through mentoring, the task can be reduced. You can learn so much from others who have gone before you and through that perfection comes quite faster,” he said.

He said the Abuja school and the availability of prominent and successful NGO founders were very big resource Miss Desmond could lean on to be able to learn as fast as possible.

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