Embracing the truth or oiling the battle for survival?

It’s quite unfortunate that like the ants’ kingdom who tirelessly compete day and night, we battle in this imprisoned country of ours, to survive. We nakedly wade, like orphaned ducks, in the waters of cruelty with our very eyes in the land we call ours. But, of all, who is to blame?

It’s a clear truth that we have been putting incompetent, rotten-eggs-like, very inhumane people we look upon as our leaders due to our very selfish interests, which ultimately, deeply wreck our today, our future, and in.fact, our children’s and grandchildren’s.

At all, the so-called leaders—the cruel politicians, shouldn’t be blamed! It’s something indisputable that we are the weapons they hinge upon. But, we are being used like slaves despite our once strong, now, a useless, expired power as citizens. We clamber like dogs in the day barking their names, despite our growing hunger, thirst, and all supporting the men that have been the caterpillar destroying all ours.

In this country, we have all the tools available for potable water, jobs, security, education, and the other “must-be-tools” we all crave to be wallowing in. But, we have been deceiving ourselves though full aware of their corrupted minds and pseudo promises.

Something we should all consider: Who are they? Are they not our parents, our brothers, our neighbours, and we, ourselves? Isn’t our blood that feeds us these colours of atrocity? Were they born somewhere, outside of this universe?

We must tell ourselves the truth. The change we all hanker to behold in this country will never be realised until we change ourselves—it begins with us. The truth is always the truth. If you enjoy the government, today, it’s certain that your child will not enjoy it, tomorrow. If you escape the barbeque due to your present political power, your grandchildren, perhaps, your very children would not escape it when you are out of power, tomorrow. It’s now the time. Let’s salvage ourselves. Let’s do the needful, Nigerians.

Salim Yakubu Akko,
Gombe, Gombe state

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