Emir Muhammad Sanusi II: Emergence of a heroic leader By Danjuma Katsina

Some years back, Babangida, a domestic servant of Late MD Yusufu, came to our family house in Katsina with an instruction from MD Yusufu that I should travel to Lagos to meet him, but that I must call him to confirm, through the number he gave me, that I should immediately fly to Lagos through Kano.
I became anxious, as at that time I had never travelled by air.
When we landed in Lagos, I met a driver waiting to pick me at the airport.
On reaching MD Yusufu’s residence, I met him with the Late Chiroman Kano, the father of the present Emir of Kano.
We know each other with the Late Chiroma, because whenever MD Yusufu came to Kaduna, we used to meet him in the house of the late Chiroma where we used to stay for a long time, and sometimes even spent the night there.
That was the reason why even in Kano, I used to lodge at the Chiroma’s house in Gandu Quarters whenever I happened to be there.
I also used to meet the late Chiroma in the house of the Late Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi I, in Wudil whenever Malam MD Yusufu sent me to the late Emir.
The level of my intimacy with the Late Chiroma was very much like that of a grandfather.
Therefore, when I met the duo of Late MD Yusufu and Late Chiroma, no formal introduction was needed between us; all I was told was that I was called to Lagos to receive an important message which had direct linkage with the then Alhaji Sanusi Lamiso Sanusi, who is now the Emir of Kano, H.R.H Muhammad Sanusi II.
My intimate relationship with these two great personalities in the life of his Royal Highness, the Present Emir of Kano, offered me the rare opportunity of knowing so many wonderful and impressive things about his life.
His nature and philosophy of life combined to suggest that he will become a leader that will immensely benefit his people and the nation; although as it became apparent many people may likely fail to understand the wisdom in his speeches and actions.
Such wonderful indicators that pointed to the fact that he was steadily marching towards greatness are too numerous to mention, but I can mention a few that were recently reported by the Media.
It is on record that the Emir at one time when he was a very senior executive in the banking sector enjoying all that went with it decided to put aside the luxury and comfort of his executive position and went to Sudan to further his Islamic Knowledge with emphasis on the Qur’an.
He felt comfortable and at home with other students.
His school mates in Sudan explained that he led a simple life without displaying any sign of royalty On completing his course and subsequent return to his banking job, he wrote an article criticising Kwankwaso’s style of leadership during his first tenure despite the fact that the state government at that time had huge investments in the bank where he was working.
That criticism generated a lot of media comments across the nation, and the Kano state government even threatened to close its accounts with the bank.
The bank, however, stood firmly behind him and supported his views.
As Allah willed it, Governor Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso came back to power some years thereafter, and it was during his second coming that the famous Sanusi Lamido Sanusi became the new Emir of Kano and the name Muhammad Sanusi II.
It is on record that when he was heading the First Bank of Nigeria, he brought some progressive changes and ideas that puzzled even directors and top management of the bank.
After successfully convincing them about the efficacy of his proposals and eventual implementation of the plans, the bank became stronger, more organised and more popular in the sector.
The achievements were among those considered in appointing him as the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria.
A similar situation arose when he was the Governor of the Central Bank.
He implored some drastic measures that brought about the much- needed changes that shock the banking industry.
Many chief executives in the banking sector became jittery, fearing that their exploitation would be exposed.
He collaborated with the EFCC Chairman at the time, Farida Waziri, in preventing the collapse of the nation’s economy, especially through re-organising the commercial banking segment.
The economic atmosphere became heated, and the news at the time mostly focused on CBN, EFCC, and the commercial banks.
He was turbaned as the Dan-Maje of Kano on July 8, 2015, when he was still the Governor of the Central bank.
Many people thought that it would be easier for him to become the next Emir of Kano when holding that exalted position of Governor of the Central Bank even as he was very close to the government.
He parted ways with the government he was serving when he exposed high level corruption and embezzlement.
An attempt was made to make him compromise his position on the matter but he remained adamant.
He was eventually sacked. He went to court. His detractors thought that his fame had finally come to an end.
There was a time he intended to go Saudi Arabia for lesser Hajj. He was cleared and permitted to travel for the purpose.
He was already at the airport for the trip when the federal government of the day cancelled the trip and seized his passport.
Few days thereafter, the former Emir of Kano, Alhaji Ado Bayero, died (May his soul rest in peace).
The Dan-Maje, Alhaji Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, promptly joined the race for the Emirship as one of the deserving princes.
Had it been that he was out of the country at the time they would have prevented him from returning back to contest.
So, it was indeed a blessing in disguise when he was prevented from going out for the lesser Hajj.
A lot had happened during the contest for the throne. There were attempts to sabotage his candidature.
He surrendered to the will of God. He eventually emerged victorious. As destined by Allah, he succeeded the Late Emir of Kano, Alhaji Ado Bayaro (May his soul rest in peace).
After his ascension to the throne, there were a lot of insinuations, hypocrisy and evil plans from certain quarters to cause confusion and chaos, but Allah prevented that.
The perpetrators then resorted to saying that when the government of the day returned to power, they might remove him.
As Allah willed it, the government of the day left the scene.
From the time he was turbaned as the new Emir of Kano, many things happened that showed the type of person the new Emir is; one of such was when he offered to lead Nigerian pilgrims to Saudi Arabia at no cost, in order to help Nigeria reduce the expenses incurred annually on federal government’s delegation to the Holy Land.
He performed creditably with exemplary leadership to the extent that Saudi Arabia truly felt the presence of an enlightened, dedicated and committed leadership.
His Highness, the Emir of Kano, Muhammad Sanusi II, is a philanthropist who supports and assists many welfare organisations all over the country, including the Katsina Vocational Training Centre which was established by Malam MD Yusufu.
It was Malam MD Yusufu who, before his death, requested the Emir to be the Chairman of the Centre which he generously accepted.
The Centre has over the years trained many youths on various vocational skills and empowered them to be self-reliant.
The name of His Highness, the Emir of Kano, Alhaji Muhammad Sanusi II, (May Allah bless and prolong his life), has became a household name.
Most people have heard about him, and more will continue to hear about him.
He is like the golden fish that cannot hide.
Indeed, the more gold is rubbed, the brighter it becomes.
Whoever knows the personality of the Emir knows him to be honest and frank.
He always speaks what he believes to be true, no matter what that will cause him.
Long live your Highness, Muhammad Sanusi II, the Emir of Kano, and Chairman, Katsina Vocational Training Centre.
Muhammad Danjuma Katsina is a journalist, Secretary, MDyusufu Research and Documentation Centre, Projects.
08035904408; m d a n j u m a k a t s i n a @ g m a i l . c o m . Whatsapp: 08020570059

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