End the armed robbery on Ilesha-Akure road

Some months ago, I travelled by road and we had a reason to pass through Ilesha-Akure road, not only have I heard of the notoriety of armed robbers on the road, I heard stories of how people lost their lives in that road. Many had cried out to government to fix the unending crisis.

Passing through that road was synonymous to passing through hell as we were very lucky not to fall into the hands of armed robbers. Our experience is not just it, this happens every day but the wonder is why the Osun state government has failed to provide a solution for the menace.

For instance, setting up security check point could help. It is surprising that while other states prioritise keeping hotspots safe especially at night, same cannot be said of the Ilesha road.

It has become so bad that drivers speed at an unimaginable rate when they are passing through that road and their reason is that it is the only way they can avoid armed robbers, they run into pot-holes and many more at such speed, risking lives of their passengers.

The priority of any government should be safety and welfare of citizens. We should not watch the expressway become a den of criminals.

The Osun and Ondo state governments should partner for a lasting solution to this insecurity.

Olanrewaju Oyedeji


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