Ending HIV 2030 target attainable – NACA

As part of efforts to combat the HIV and AIDS epidemic in Nigeria, National Agency for the control of AIDS,  (NACA)  Said that 2030 target for ending the scourge is attainable.

Speaking at a one day training for journalist organized by NACA in Lagos, with the theme, “New Trends in HIV/ AIDS”, Assistant Director and the head of survey unit NACA Dr, Ogbonna Amanze, said as a country we can achieve the target if we do the right things and put in the necessary measure in place.

He said with right leadership in place and the support of the international donors with increasing domestic funds Nigeria will achieve this target.

He further explained that 95% of what we use to combat HIV/ AIDS is from the foreign donor and that the federal government should provide means of producing the drugs locally.

According to him, the Nigeria AIDS Indicator and Impact Survey is aim at achieving the UNAIDS 90-90-90 targets, where 90% of people should go for their test and know their status, 90% should go for HIV treatment and 90% viral load suppression base on those that are on drugs.

He noted that prevention of new HIV infections measures to protect from infection all those at risk, including the unborn, newborn, youth, adolescent and sexually active adults as well as those exposed environmentally.

“Put in place measures to suppress the virus in those who are infected in order to avert new infection in morbidity and mortality.

“We must also provide care and support to improve the quality of life to people living with HIV (PLHIV).

He stressed on ensuring youth, adolescent, sexually active men and women are functionally knowledgeable, ” HIV – competent” citizens, this is critical to the success of these strategic trusts.

“We are advocating to our foreign donors to keep supporting HIV/AIDS response until we finally win the battle over the monstrous epidemic, “he said

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