#ENDSARS protests: Physical and moral courage

I have never been as petrified, disoriented and overwhelmed as I was – SARS brutality – harassment or misconduct – at least am not alone in my insights.

The Nigerian system had been overheated for 21 years of uninterrupted democracy and particularly during the campaign when emphasis was more on trivial issues, undignified and disrespectful statements rather than on pressing issues requiring our attention.

With the statements coming from our authority at moment on the state of the nation – one could underline wrong words in their wrong order.

Our leaders have failed woefully to adhere to unwavering physical – moral principles and surrender to the whimsical demands of tainted protesters.

#ENDSARS protesters across the country have displayed physical and mental courage. The former which despised all danger – made the protesters brave in one way; the latter despised all opinion – made the protesters brave in another. The former and the latter constituted a great protest that led to the disbandment of SARS and formation SWAT respectively.

Today, I see and hear persuasive messages on the placards and banners of protesters from the four corners of Nigeria. The messages written on the protesters placards speak volumes and demand precision. The inscriptions speak well – create pictures in the mind and emotions in the heart of our leaders.

Every single word on those placards counts. The underlying thoughts of the protests especially in the big cities are commendable and important. The convey truth about the insecurity in the four corners of the country.

The protests have so far developed some dimensions from security issues to other areas of grievances – snowballed to occupying some important places and carnaged to destruction of lives and properties.

This administration has been a total failure in reforming the security architecture of the country in all ramifications. It has repeatedly led the country down in many ways. It is not anywhere near in capacity to deliver or get the country out of the woods.

We had a blip in the area of security for many years. And we have to analyse what the problem was. Shearing of spoils after an appearance of failure is always an acrimonious in Nigeria.

The government must be consolidated to transform the Nigeria Police Force into an effective force. SARS has surpassed every description in brutality – harassment or misconduct and easier access to wealth – worldly gains that policemen could do anything to be part.

These brutality and harassment or misconduct can easily lead to a miscarriage of Justice and sometimes involve discrimination.
Misconducts include: false confession, false arrest, falsified evidence, false imprisonment, intimidation, police brutality murder, police corruption, police sexual abuse and off – duty misconduct. Other misconducts are selective enforcement, abuse of power, lying under oath, influence of drugs or alcohol as well as violation by officers of police procedural policies.

These should be captured in the reform promised by Mr. president in his address after the disbandment of SARS.

The moles in the scraped SARS must be flushed out. Human agency between the SWAT and offenders must be checked. Potent falsification of evidence and cheating must be avoided.

The blame lies squarely and fairly on the force, government at different levels and desperate politicians.

We need reasonable and thoughtful individual at the SWAT. We must be innovative and proactive by devising strategies and action plan. It is our responsibility to protect our image, ensure public confidence and trust in us otherwise we will be left out of scheme of things.

We look forward to seeing a reform in the Nigeria Police Force that would provide quality service in timely, professional and effective manner.

Muazu, a public affairs commentator from Kano wrote via [email protected]

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