Enough of prayers, time for action

Human society is dynamic, hence, the need to take into cognizance changes that have one way or the other impacted on social life. Advance in communications, decentralization of cities, globalization changes in family life, transformation of work, increasing inequality and many others have created the imperative for government to understand and tackle the impact of changes on the people. It seems the height of hypocrisy when people in power resort to prayers by recruiting retinue of prayer merchants to finding solutions to social problems.

When government funds are wasted on pilgrimages to offer special supplications and prayers for national crisis, it calls for self-re-examination on the true essence of intellectualism in human societies. How ironic that a nation prays to God who admonishes the love of fellow men, yet hate and injustice are pervasive among the people? God, the most high cannot be bamboozled by man. Any attempt by hypocrites reaps deluge of crisis beyond man’s capacity to contain. This is the reality on ground today, the boomerang effects of years of deceit and high level national hypocrisy.

This age long conspiracy of prayer galore in high places only makes mockery of a people. How can one rationalize a statement credited to Doyin Okupe that ‘the APC boat is destined for the Red Sea…. We went to Israel, we pray for God to remove all the people troubling Nigeria. I believe that God is working quietly to gather these people for destruction’! This prayer sample is just one notable recent one among the deluge of such hypocritical ones. How dare, people within the corridors of power have the shameless audacity to pray such prayers when the capacity of aggrieved masses to endure have been overstretched? Boko Haram Sect today may not be the only group aggrieved. Many people, groups are pushed to the wall in different parts of Nigeria.

One may not know when any of these groups may cross the threshold of perseverance. When we analyze the factors that led to the emergence of Boko Haram, there are still here massive youth unemployment, disillusionment with the system, loss of value, loss of faith in the judicial system; these issues are beyond partisan politics, requires a holistic sociopolitical re-engineering to assuage the aggrieved groups in societies.

Today, Boko Haram finds religion on which to hang their grievance. Other groups can find ideology, injustice, inequality, poverty or the hypocrisies of people in government to hang theirs. My submission is that prayer merchants are not relevant to us now. We need proactive solution providers who have the needed integrity to proffer integrated sociopolitical solutions to what are basically social crises in societies. Analyzing the political events and developments with the ruling party and the nascent formidable opposition party as main actors, it seems the same old partisan rhetoric.

We have become used to mantras and campaigns of calumny on the pages of newspapers. Our redemption cannot come from political parties that believed ideology died long ago in the western world. Nigerian Politicians can port at will like porting from one GSM Service Provider to another, no stress. Our redemption can only come from the class of socialpreneurs we have today. This is the class that have reservoir of brains who have the needed knowledge base and demonstrated practical skills to redeem the country from the political ditch that politicians have plunged it. No harvest of prayer galore can redeem any human social problems. God in his infinite mercy has bestowed man with the intelligence to take charge of His affairs.

Ogbu Alexander Ameh,

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