Entrepreneurship, model for economic development – Don

A lecturer at the Department of Entrepreneurship Studies, Nasarawa State University, Keffi (NSUK), Dr. Vincent Paul said the only alternative to the economic growth and job creation is for the federal government to redouble her efforts and encourage youth to consider entrepreneurship as an alternative means of employment.

Paul made this statement in an interview with journalists on the university campus.

He explained that entrepreneurship is the spirit of enterprising, coordinating, mobilising resources, both human and financial, together to establish something of economic value. He said encouraging people to embrace entrepreneurship is a way of fighting unemployment and improving their wellbeing for the economic growth.  He reiterated that for the citizens to live a meaningful life all hands must be on deck, but not leaving it for government alone. 

“To create job and improve the economic situation, government and stakeholders have to come together,” he said.

The don also urged government not to relent in creating constant awareness, beginning from individual family, community level, traditional leaders and tertiary institutions of learning by discouraging people from staying idle. However, the entrepreneurial expert disclosed that an unemployed person is someone who stays idle for more than 48 hours without engaging in any meaningful thing of economic benefits.

The scholar who cited himself as a case study stressed that he engaged in the sale of firewood for 25 years to sponsor himself to school.

“I sold firewood for 25 years to sponsor my education.  Today I am a lecturer in the University and PhD holder,” he disclosed.

He further maintained with entrepreneurship seeking grant, donation and aid from international community will end because it will boost the economy.

Paul frowned at the manner employers take advantage of job seekers in the labour market.

He appealed to government to provide critical infrastructure required such as electricity, good road network for easy transportation and quality healthcare.

He said these things are very important when issues concerning economic development arise. He advised youth to think outside the box and make use of their youthful age for the benefit of themselves, family and society at large as time wait for no one.

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