Enugu Assembly frowns at excess bank charges


As if stung by bees, members of the Enugu State House of Assembly, Tuesday rose with one voice and condemned what they termed excess charges imposed on commercial bank in Nigeria.
Reacting to of urgent public importance brought on the floor of the House by the member representing Nsukka East Constituency, Hon. Chinedu Nwamba supported by eight other members on the unsavoury changes on bank customers, the House called on the Federal Government, the CBN and other regulatory bodies to take steps to save banking customers from unwary robbery.
Nwamba who moved the motion lamented that it would be absurd, if not checked, to allow commercial banks operating in Nigeria especially in Enugu State to continue to add to the pains of pervert most Enugu State citizens are experiencing “by way of imposing unwarranted charges on every transaction carried out by their customers.”
He enumerated the charges to include among other charges transaction alert, interbank withdrawal charge, card maintenance charge, charge for withdraws above certain limits, online transfer charges.
Nwamba pointed out that the annoying aspect of it is the banks do not I.form or solicit the customers consent before embarking on such charges. ” All they do is to charge you what they care, deduct same and at the end of the month, charge you again for what they call monthly alert charges,” Nwamba laments.


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