Enugu LG chair ‘destroys’ N200m timber shade

The Ogbo-Osisi timber shades in Afor Ufuma, Orumba North local area of Anambra state what over N200 million has been destroyed on the alleged order of the former chairman of the local government area council, Hon. Emeka Aforka.
Our correspondent reports that the timber market that has 16 buildings, housing shades, carpentry workshops, saw-mills, engines, shops, and timber heavily stocked with planks, where completely destroyed.
Conducting journalist round the market, Professor B. S. Okeke regretted that the Nigerian Army and Police “armed to teeth, who are supposed to protect both the rich and poor, supervised the willful destruction of people’s sweat”.
According to him, the timber market, popularly known as “Ogbo-Osisi”, is a developmental venture by Amalgamated Timber-shade Developers with Sarimack (Nig) Enterprises Ltd.
He said the invasion of the market by the former transitional chairman last Thursday, two days to his exit from office, was unprovoked.
He said: “It was a holocaust and a wilful/malicious destruction of houses, saw mills, timber shades, machines, equipments, timber and goods belonging to individuals, companies and corporate bodies like Sarimack Nigeria Enterprises Ltd.”
A retired lecturer at Federal Polytechnic Oko whose carpentry workshop were destroyed, Surveyor Promise Onyekwena, however called on state government to come to their aids as they have jobless since.
He added: “It is the carpentry workshops that have brought me home to enjoy my retirement and I invested all my retirement benefit to the company.
“You have seen for yourself millions of naira of peoples’ sweet he has brought to nothing.
“So, all we are asking is that we should be adequately compensated, otherwise, since we are poor people, we will go and look for justice in the only institution, the judiciary.”

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