Enugu newspaper vendor, vulcaniser escape death as driver rams into electric pole

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A newspaper vendor on Friday escaped death as a drunken driver, driving on a wrong lane, lost control and almost crushed the vendor, popularly called Jane to death but for the electric pole that checked the unfortunate incident from taking place.

The driver of a Toyota Camry car in the same vein would have crushed a vulcaniser.

The driver, who would not say what happened, asked to be left alone to get his bearing.

He said, “Please leave me alone. Let me get myself. I am not in the mood to talk. I am glad that nobody was killed.”

The vendor who simply gave her name as Jane thanked God for sparing her life, saying: “I don’t know what to say, but to thank God. I saw the vehicle coming and took to my heels before it ran into the electric pole. I was just lucky that I was looking when the vehicle came, otherwise, I don’t know what would have happened.”

“It was God that saved me. I had just finished pumping a tyre and stepped into a shadow and shortly after I heard a bang and it was the car that would have crushed me if I had waited a little longer after pumping the tyre.

“I was just so lucky because the car climbed the tyre I just finished pumping. I don’t know how to thank God,” the vulcaniser said.

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