Establishment of Agro-Rangers has reduced farmers, herders’ clashes –NSCDC

Corps () Monday said  the establishment of  Agro-rangers has helped to stem the tide of incessant farmers/herders clashes across the country.

Speaking with newsmen shortly after the annual celebration of the International Civil Defence Day at the corps headquarters in Abuja, the Comptroller General, represented by the DCG, Nathaniel E. Ubong, said the result was increment in food production and sales in the year 2020.

“Agro-rangers was established as result of the numerous clashes between farmers and herders across the country. The Civil Defence Agro-rangers ensured they go with the farmers to their farms to ensure they are able to cultivate. has returned to because of the activities of Agro-rangers.

“Nigerians are aware that these year’s rice cultivation and sale have been the highest ever in the of this country, which is as result of the involvement of Agro-rangers in that regard.”

On whether arrest have been made so far, the CG’s representative said all he could assure Nigerians “is that no will want to face the consequences of crime,” adding that in the areas where Agro-rangers have been deployed, there have not been encounters of farmers/herders clashes.

The acting CG stated that Agro-rangers have been launched in the South-south, north-central and the North-east. 

He said any governor who desires the establishment of Agro-rangers in his state would be obliged.

He said the corps was working with the military to ensure returned to areas ravaged.  He urged Nigerians to be security conscious, saying “ and security is everybody’s business.”

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